Puppies & Co-Owning

(For a list of ADULT or YOUNG ADULT dogs that need homes scroll to the bottom.)

So we get asked a lot if we would recommend a male or female and that is something that is a owners preference. I like my males because they are fun and goofy, but at the same time my daughter Krys who does a lot of our training prefers the females as they are a lot easier to train. So it is really up to you and what you want from your puppy.

A lot of people will ask, why puppies are so expensive these days when just a couple of years ago they were so much cheaper. It is because reputable breeders are adhering to Golden Retrievers Club of America Code of Ethics and we certify our dogs for Hips, Elbows, Heart and Eye, here at Millstones we also certify all of our breeding stock for Shoulders, Patella’s and LCP.

All our litters are whelped in my house and are raised there for the first 4 weeks of their life when they move to the kennel for the last 3 weeks with us. Our puppies are well socialized and are played with daily; they are feed a high quality dry kibble and also a raw diet.

All of our litters are well planned, and we make sure that the puppies we are producing are benefiting the breed with keeping structure, soundness, and personality in mind at all times.

All of our puppies are adopted on Limit Registrations, if you would want Full Registration then that needs to be approved prior to pick up and please note with any full registration we will co-own the puppy till all certifications are completed at 2 years of age.

Please e-mail us for puppies that are available at this time or for upcoming litters, we have some really nice litters planned for this year.

Adult Dogs Needing CO-OWN Homes:

None Currently

Young Adult Dogs Needing CO-OWN Homes:

None Currently

Adult Dogs Needing PET Homes:

None Currently

Young Adult Dogs Needing PET Homes:

None at the moment.

All Animals listed above are current on Vaccines, Heartworm, & are Microchipped.